Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trip to Cairo, Egypt

Stephen making a new friend.
Inside the pyramids at Saqqara . 
Egyptian texting.
On our way to the Pyramids.
Truck carrying eggs to the market. 
It was interesting to notice that they were not packaged.

Cargo is packed as high as the workers can climb.
On my way up to Mt. Sinai via the camel taxi.
The trip took us about six hours.
I rode a camel 1/3 of the way up, but hiked the rest of the way.
Mt. Sinai, where Moses received the Ten Commandments
from God.
I wondered if my poor, scrawny camel would make it.
Preparing for landing.
My son, Brian, and my two granddaughters, Emily and 
Savannah, who were real little troopers!
My son, Stephen.
My daughter, Sarah, at the top of Mt. Sinai.
The Sphinx.
We have reached our destination. This photo was taken 
with a wide angle lens, which gets the view, but
adds extra weight to the people.
Moses' well.
The burning bush, which as you can see is
a flourishing green bush.
Treats brought to us by Brian and Christy's neighbor,
Samka, to welcome us to Egypt.
I think this was called The City Gate.
I loved all of the  merchants selling fruits, spices, and herbs.
The markets looked like they stepped straight from
Bible times.
Egypt has the most delicious mangoes that I have ever
One of the many shops at Khan al-Khalili.
Khan al-Khalili
The streets are busy and full of people selling
and buying. If your eyes turn even for a moment,
to an object, you will enter into negotiations to 
buy the item.  You will hear pleas such as,
"I don't know what you, need, but I have what you want."
I thought that these ancient box windows were
interesting. They provided privacy for the women
to view what was going on in the market while 
preventing people from being able to see them.
This photo does not do justice to how crowded the
streets really are.
The Khan
A man making a hat.He is heating up the material
to allow him to bend the hat.
Fresh fruit market.  Many varieties of dates are available there.
I loved the bags of cotton.
The Khan at night.  This is not a place for day dreaming.
I was hit by a motorcycle because I wasn't paying
attention to his horn; I was dazzled by all of the
pretty baubles.
It was a common sight to see people selling these
loaves of freshly baked bread.

Trying on some of the exotic head scarves.
This was the merchant at the scarf shop and
she was very friendly.
More treats sent to welcome us to Egypt; I love the 
people there.
Uncle Stephen enjoying a morning cuddle with Sophie.
The entrance into the step pyramids at Saqqara.
Exiting the pyramids.
As you can see, there is not much head room going 
and coming from the pyramids.
One of the many groves of date palms.
Allen wearing  the gaff aha given to him by our son, Brian. 
Watching some lapis lazuli jewelry being made.
And now, it's time to say good-bye.
Mutt and Jeff must part.
Allen with two of his sons.
Sarah and Brian
Stephen, Sarah, and Brian
Mother and son
A good time was had by all.

The delicious feast lovingly prepared 
for us by Mohamed's wife, sisters
and mother. They cooked for two days.

We experienced true hospitality from the Egyptians.
A wonderful night of food and friendship.
Brian's (and now our) friend, Mohamed and his nephew
along with Brian, Savannah and Allen.
The kids finding some common ground on
the computer. 
Mohamed giving us a tour of his alabaster shop.
He sent us home with gifts of alabaster.
Eating dinner while we enjoy riding on a falukah  on the
Nile River.
Eating chicken tikka.
Allen and Becky with our youngest two children
and three of our grandchildren.
Emily, Savannah, Brian,
Sophie and Christy
Sarah, Stephen, Becky and Allen
Brian and Becky riding on the Nile.
The Citadel 

New friends.
Allen and Becky

Swimming pool at our hotel in Luxor.
It blends into the Nile River.

One of the colorful dancers at our hotel.
Brian's local vegetable market.
Brian's friend at the fruit market
who greeted us all with a welcoming pineapple drink.

Sarah and Savannah.
Stephen and Emily
Christy is getting up the nerve to kiss this camel.
Our camel train
The pyramids at Giza.
Allen and our guide.
The Sphinx

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