Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saints, Heroes, and Heroines Part 2

Today I am going to begin sharing with you a partial list of some of my favorite heroes.  In the future, I will share a little more in depth about some of my favorites.  For now, it will just be a list to give you some ideas for the next time you go to the library.  By the way, your library probably won't carry most of these, but they can order any of these books for you.  These are not listed alphabetically.

These books are all published by YWAM:

Amy Carmichael:  missionary to India
William Carey:  missionary to India
Mary Slessor:  missionary to Africa's Calabar region
Corrie Ten Boon:  Imprisoned for hiding Jews during Hitler's reign of terror. She wrote her own story in a book  titled,"The Hiding Place".
William Booth: founder of Salvation Army
Hudson Taylor: missionary to China
Eric Liddell:  Refused to participate in Olympic race which ran on Sunday, he also became a missionary to China
Jim  Elliot:  One of 5 missionaries who died  at the hands of the Auca Indians  with whom they hoped to share the gospel.
Nate Saint: missionary pilot, also killed by the Auca Indians.
Gladys Aylward:  maid turned missionary  to China.  She made a daring rescue of many Chinese children through the mountains.
Betty Greene:  helped to found MIF Missionary Fellowship Aviation
Lottie Moon:  missionary to China. Her life inspired the Lottie Moon Christmas offering each year with the Southern Baptists.

Other heroes from assorted publishers:
George Mueller: founded an orphanage and was an excellent example of a person of prayer.  He made the orphans needs known only to God to demonstrate God's power. The book is, "The Autobiography of George Mueller".
Fanny Crosby:  famous hymn writer who wrote hundreds of hymns as a blind person.
Billy Graham: world famous evangelist.  His autobiography is titled ,"Just As I am". A good dvd about his life is, "Billy the movie"
Ruth Graham:  wife of Billy Graham, daughter of missionary doctor, Nelson Bell.  A wonderful book about her life is titled, "Ruth A Portrait".
Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty: ran an escape operation for Allied POW'S and civilians, including Jews.  The book is titled, "The Vatican Pimpernel"  .  There is also an excellent movie about his life starring Gregory Peck, titled,"The Scarlet and the Black". (He is probably one of my favorites)
Father Damien missionary priest to a leper colony.  A book about his life is:"The Heart of Father Damien. A movie about his life is:"Molaki theStory of Father Damien.
Father John Bosco:  an Italian priest who put his faith into practice by starting an orphanage for boys  who were living on the street.  He started the Salesian Society who still help orphans today.  The movie about his life is,"Saint John Bosco Mission to Love".
Pope John Paul II, book is:,"Man of the Century"
Maria von Trapp:  an extraordinary woman who raised a dozen children and was the faith filled woman who wrote the book," Trapp Family Singers", most of you will be more familiar with the movie about part of her life in, "The Sound of Music".
Doctor Walter Wilson:  a doctor who evangelized hundreds of his patients and any person who God brought into his path.  One of his many books is titled, "Just What the Doctor Ordered".


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