Monday, March 28, 2011

Being neighborly has its rewards

Yesterday afternoon, my son, Stephen, informed me that our next door neighbor was doing some major pruning on his rose bushes. I admire his roses every time I see them. I sent Stephen next door to see if our neighbor had any plans for the roses that had fallen by the wayside. Stephen returned with the hoped for answer that I was welcome to them.  As I gathered them up, it gave me an opportunity to visit a little not only with this neighbor, but  the neighbor next to him which I have never had a real opportunity to visit. I couldn't believe that my neighbor didn't want these beautiful flowers. His response was, "What do I need them for,  I'm a man !"(he's single)  I also was able to learn some of his secrets for how he has grown his roses, although his answer surprised me.  His advice?  "Just keep them chopped down.  I don't feed them or anything." I had just baked a strawberry cake that afternoon and asked my neighbors if they would like some.  They were only too happy to have some homemade cake and I was thrilled to have the flowers.

I had plans for those flowers.  A different neighbor has been confined to bed rest for several months due to a high risk pregnancy.  I know how bored you can become in that situation and I was so happy to be able to bring her a splash of the outdoor beauty and color.  I let her know from where the roses came; she in turn sent her thanks back to him for the beautiful flowers, so this really helped our little street to have a small sense of community.

The next person I intend to bless with these beautiful flowers is an elderly person from my Sunday school class who fell and will be in a rehab facility for quite awhile.

So, ladies, I encourage you to get to know your neighbors this week.  Remember, we are to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

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